Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review about a review

I moved all of my book reviews over to another blog, because I didn't want to have this blog be all about books. Although that pretty much describes me =) I feel like this is MY blog and some of the books I'm reviewing are not what I would normally choose. My book reviews for the companies need to stay, for the most part, impersonal. I get to make my choice from the selection, but sometimes there just aren't any "me" books available. I had intended to write some reviews of my favorite books on here so that I had a representation of what IS me and what I like to read. But time flies and I never got around to it.
Last night I finished a book for my book club. I've been struggling with allergies for several months now and currently I'm coughing a lot. So I decided to stay up for a while to allow Jon to get to sleep before coming to bed and my coughing keeping him awake. 
But I stayed up much later than planned because I couldn't put this book down.
I cried through the entire last chapter. Between that and my allergies I was a mess.
I HATE to cry. So I never, never read sad books. There is enough sadness in the world. I certainly don't want to add something sad and untrue when I don't have to. But I'm so glad that I read this book. Since it wasn't a book review that I was required to do and since normally I would have put it on this blog I felt I had to say something here. My book review blog will stay entirely that. But here I can tell you that I sat on the couch last night and cried amidst a pile of tissue and thanked God for books, family and humanity's good points.
The book wasn't all sad. In fact, only the last chapter or two were sad enough to make me cry. And this book grabbed me from the first second and never let go.
So if you want a good read (and a good cry at the end) please read this book. Then let me know if you loved it as much as I did.

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