Sunday, May 22, 2011

The rapture that didn't happen

For the past week, but especially yesterday and today I've been hearing people joking about the world ending. I don't know anyone who believed that it would actually end last night so everything I heard was laughing and jokes. And at first I joined right in. Then I stopped to think about what we were doing and I began to be bothered.
This man honestly believed that the world would end and the righteous would be raptured last night. He braved ridicule and disappointment to let everyone know so that we could get ourselves prepared to meet our Saviour. Yes, he was obviously wrong! But as Christians what right do we have to make fun of him? Noah was laughed at for 120 years when he told people that a flood was coming. Jesus was killed when he preached a message that went against the mainstream theology of the day. Now I know that this man was really, really wrong Biblically. But isn't it our duty as Christians to pray for him and to search our hearts and the scriptures to make sure he's wrong before we say anything. And then we should never make fun of him. He's wrong. There is no doubt about that, but Jesus never, ever made fun of people when they were wrong. He always treated them with loving respect. And as Christians, isn't our goal in life to be Christ-like? Isn't that what the word Christian means? Correct me if I'm wrong, but as Adventists we should be extra careful not to poke fun. We were in the same boat 120+ years ago ourselves. We made a mistake. And as Adventists when we realized we were wrong we went back to the Bible to figure out our mistake. This man may very well do the same thing. But think of the disappointed people today who thought they were going to see their Jesus and have to live another day in this sinful world. They need our prayers, not our jokes and ridicule.

I'm not perfect and I made a few jokes myself. This blog is not intended to criticize any of my friends. It's about me and how I felt convicted. So please do not take offense, I was not talking about anyone specific.

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