Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy, busy

I have a million blog posts swirling around in my head and no time to get them on to my blog. 
It's frustrating sometimes, but progress is being made on the house and that is making me very happy.
Tonight the electricity was off in several places around the house while Jon added some more electric plugs. It was frustrating to wind an extension cord around for anything we wanted to plug in. Since we have the walls torn apart it seemed like a good time to add them.
But since I'm not able to help with the electrical part I thought I'd get on the computer. I quickly figured out that my modem was one of the things that was out of commission. Once everything was turned on, my help was needed again.
Since I can't spend the time I want on the computer I'll have to satisfy my blogging urges with a few renovation pictures until I have more time.

We removed all of the paneling from the living room the last two days and tonight Jon put one wall of sheetrock up.
It's amazing to me how much just that one wall of grey brightens the room up. It will be wonderful to have all of that dark wood gone and replaced with light walls.

When we removed the rest of the carpet I was, again, appalled at the dirt underneath. As I rolled up the carpet I started sneezing. The dust was so thick. The layer of padding under the carpet was even more full of dirt. But the dirt that had filtered through both layers was just plain gross.
If you have children, pets, asthma, or are breathing - DO NOT PUT CARPET IN YOUR HOME!!!


  1. Whoa! That dirt is gross. We have tile everywhere except the bedrooms. We will be pulling it up and putting down laminate as soon as possible. Tile is so much cooler in the desert.
    Of course you are going to post after pics, right?

  2. Yes, I will definitely be posting after pictures. I can't leave everyone with that image in their minds. =)