Friday, June 24, 2011

Christine Update

The Lord has poured out his blessing again. The roller coaster is on the upswing again. This morning it seemed Christine was having a really rough time but this afternoon she really perked up and seemingly is doing much better now. They were going to keep her in ICU overnight to monitor her but the decided to transfer her to the neurological floor about 7:00 pm. We are very thankful for this as she will sleep much better up here than down in ICU with all the bells and beeps that keep going off and people coming in to check on you. And the Lord answered prayers again in that we have a private room with two doors so it is much quieter. It is actually a sleep study room so it is designed for sleeping. I don’t think the situation could be more ideal. It is a little bigger than the last room and has a room leading into it with a window so that someone can be out here and on the computer like I am right now and not bother her. I can still see her through the window and listen for her if she needs something. It couldn’t be a better arrangement for her to get rest. Christine also sleeps with a fan for white noise and I just asked the nurses’ station and they have one in their storage room. It will block out the many odd hospital noises.

But the best news is that soon after they got her up here on seventh floor she said she needed to use the restroom. They hurried to get a bed pan but she said she wanted to WALK to the bathroom! She did so and with very little assistance! In fact, Carol and I had were just returning to her new room and when Carol looked in there she didn’t see anyone. She said, “They have not transferred her yet. She’s not in bed.” Then we nearly cried when we found out she was in the bathroom. We were all astounded and praised the Lord for the quick increase of strength in her right leg. Her right arm is still very weak and she has a hard time moving it and there is still a speech deficit. She knows what she wants to say but she can’t form the words or quite get them out. Sometimes she does and it is very clear. They think this will improve because they were not near the primary speech cortex so they are not too concerned about the speech deficit.

I shall go to sleep now thanking the Lord for his continued blessing and providence. “His mercy endureth forever.”


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