Thursday, June 23, 2011

Christine Update

Christine’s Surgery Report 6

Here is a quick update on Christine. She will be in ICU another night. Her pain is moderate to severe she rates it at a level 5 out of 10 which I think is higher than most would rate a similar pain as I think she has a fairly high pain tolerance. They have stopped the phentenyl as it was making her drowsy and they really want her to start moving. But she is so tired. She says she just wants to sleep but can’t really sleep with all the beeps and buzzes in the ICU. She lays there with her eyes closed and just wants someone to be with her and sit. They just gave her an oral morphine which has eased her situation. They say that she is the least critical patient in ICU so if they need the room for someone else they will bump her to the floor but they want to keep her over night for better monitoring.

She has been up and out of the bed and sat in the chair. They want her to be moving as much as possible but the pain makes her want to stay put. Hopefully the pain will subside more tomorrow. I’m sure it is such a shock to her system. It is just hard to see her in such a condition. I want to alleviate it but can do very little.

The doctor gave us a report on the post op MRI and said that there was one section of the tumor still there which they avoided because it was part of the secondary motor cortex and they were afraid it would paralyze her or make her permanently weak if it was removed. So they choose a conservative removal to preserve her motor skills. I think her right side strength is continuing to improve slightly. She is still very weak. She is able to speak but rarely does so and with difficulty. But my cousin said her condition is basically on the path to normal recovery. It is what they would expect from her surgery and he would expect that the most likely scenario is full recovery. It is not anything unusual. Despite her weakened condition, we are praising the Lord she is not paralyzed. We are so thankful for the fact that she can move and have promise of recovery. Considering all the circumstances she is doing well.

Your prayers are still needed. Praise the Lord for his protection during surgery. Praise Him for the ability to move and speak after surgery. Praise Him for his mercy in sending us here to one of the best places for brain tumors in the country. Praise Him for a room opening up in the Safra Family Lodge for us to be able to stay right here on the premises. Praise Him for the door closing for Carol to go to Madagascar this summer as she was planning. Praise Him for Shelly being able to be here and not already moving down to Arkansas. Praise Him for Megan being here and helping with Elliot! It brings so much reassurance to Christine and I. Praise Him for His great love and concern for Christine. Please ask Him that the tumor might be as slow growing as possible and that what is left won’t be as much a problem. Please pray that her pain will subside and she will be able to put more effort into movement. The risks of pneumonia and blood clots are higher when the patient is not moving around as much so they try to move her a lot. She just can’t rest very well in the ICU. Pray that we she will be able to go to the floor soon. Pray for Elliot that he will be unaffected. Megan brought him over today and I am hoping to spend some time with playing with him this afternoon. Pray that Christine will feel well enough to see him soon. He keeps asking for Mama.

I think Christine will be in 7SWN 3662 when we move up to the floor. It is a private room and really nice. Praise God! She will be able to sleep very better there. Praise the Lord for his blessings. Many of the rooms there are double occupancy which would be difficult to rest if others are in the room. It will be better for family to visit too.

Trusting in the great physician,


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