Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kitty Trauma

Poor little kitty had a traumatic day. He was due for his annual check up and so today I took him to the vet.
But his terrible morning started a bit before the appointment.
I had several errands to run before his appointment and I was afraid that he would disappear as soon as he saw the cat carrier. So I put him in the bathroom and shut the door. It's a pocket door and after about 30 minutes of working he got it open. He HATES to be in a room with the door closed so he glared at me as he ran past. NOT a happy kitty.

Then I pick him up and drop him butt first into the cat carrier. We've learned from painful experience that this is the ONLY way that will work. He is declawed on his front paws. But somehow he managed to grab the edges of the carrier and hang on for dear life. After struggles on both our parts I finally got him stuffed in and shut the door. And by stuffed, I mean really stuffed. It's a small carrier that we purchased for our miniature dachshund many years ago. He is almost 17 pounds and very long and tall. 
He can only sit - no moving around.
NOT a happy kitty.

We get in the car and the moans start. They continued for the 20 minutes it took to get to the vet.
We walked (more like grunting and groaning under his tremendous weight) into the vet's office and the growls started. He was beyond not happy and starting to become very angry with me.

The vet tech pulled him out and started to touch him and he bit her. It was all down hill from there.
They take the pets into the back and give them shots and draw blood. The reasoning being the pet won't associate you with the shot. I could hear yowls and almost screams coming from the back and a very harried vet walked into the room.
"Can we PLEASE put your cat under? He's bit all (four) of us and scratched several of us. Even the neck cone isn't working. We haven't been able to do anything at all to him."
He (the vet) was covered in black cat hair and had several band aides on his arms. 
Kitty apparently decided that today was not a good day for him to see the doctor.

Now $300 later my kitty has shots, a micro chip, blood work drawn and a serious attitude.
He snarled and growled the whole way home.
When I opened the cage he flew out - turned around to give me a look of pure hatred and disappeared from sight. He hasn't been seen since. If it plays out like last year we might not see him for a week.

Poor, poor kitty!
Taken from my ipod.

Now picture him giving you a death glare!

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