Friday, June 24, 2011

Christine Update

Happy Sabbath. What a week. Feels like it has been a month. God has been good through it all. God is refining us and getting us to trust through the valleys. We welcomed the Sabbath together as a family with Elliot and me in mommy’s hospital bed. Elliot came to visit mommy “in the Hospital” and see mommy’s “ouchy.” He points to her head and says, “Ouch! O….uch.” He loved playing on the hospital bed and blowing in to mommy’s inhalation gizmo that helps her not get pneumonia. I guess he will be good for a while. I think he is getting used to saying goodbye to mommy and daddy as he doesn’t cry any more. Megan is taking such good care of him. He said “Bagan” today for the first time. I suppose that is better than “Pagan” but he should get the “m” on it soon.

It was a good day. Christine continues to improve – thank the Lord. We have had some really positive contacts here in the hospital. I think suffering makes people more kind and compassionate of others. There is a genuine sense of helpfulness, generosity and friendliness in the lodge. Some people have been here at NIH for a year or more. This must be the way heaven is without all the suffering necessary to make it happen. I have noticed that many times those with chronic diseases have the sweetest personality.

We regretfully missed the rehearsal dinner for the wedding this afternoon especially as the wedding party was going to go out to eat at Sweet Basil Thai Restaurant in Chatt. Thai food is one of our favorites. About 3 pm Christine said, “I…. want…. …. ….Thai food.” I commiserated and we splurged and ordered in Thai food from a local restaurant that delivers to the NIH. So we were there in “stomach” if we could not be in presence. It was good.

I am staying with Christine tonight and Mom and Megan will come after church and we will have lunch together.

Blessings and Goodnight.


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