Friday, June 24, 2011


My life seems to be hurling along at break-neck speed.
My mom graciously came over on Wednesday to help me paint. I had rather low expectations for how much we could accomplish in two days. I'd hoped to get the final coat on the trim in the laundry room and maybe get some of the master bedroom finished. I thought I'd remembered the trim in the laundry room taking my mom most of one day to do. But when we discussed it, that was for all previous three coats. So she was finished very quickly and since I was there to help her for most of those two days (errands and children interrupted quite often) we accomplished so much more. We didn't do anything, but paint. I didn't wash dishes, do laundry or clean. It drove me crazy to have everything in such chaos,
but it was worth it in the end.
We have all of the trim painted in the house now except for the library. The library has the primer coat on.
My bedroom is now a very light blue/green. 
The camera doesn't pick up the color very well, but it IS a pale color. I chose this color so I could change the room's decor whenever I wanted and not have to repaint.
We were also able to get the kitchen painted. This was on my wishlist, but certainly not expected. We were some painting queens. =) It is amazing how much painting the brown trim and the paneling totally changed the room. It seems so much lighter now. I'm really loving it. It's definitely livable until we can gut it and get our new kitchen.

Crazy messy, but things are being accomplished.
The final (until the total redo) look
Now we just need to get the rest of the carpet and vinyl up. We take up a patch every chance we get, but there is so much in the house that it will take a while. If we could let the kids take care of themselves, the lawn grow, etc. we could actually accomplish something. But since we can't we'll work on it a few minutes each evening. We hope to have almost everything up by the time our ordered floor arrives. It's supposed to arrive the first week of July. We'll see how it goes.
On a side note - Carpet is the grossest thing that anyone can put into their home. I vacuum at least once a week and spot vacuum several times each week. But when we pulled up the carpet there was a pile of dirt and stains underneath. It was disgusting. Maybe now my allergies will get better.
The hall bath is now down to the original flooring thanks to the kids.
Jon came home and finished the job that they had started.
I spent the entire day today putting order to as much of the house as I could. I still have a bedroom in the library and furniture in the hallway, but at least it's clean and I can navigate my kitchen.
Actually I cleaned everything except the carpet. I refuse to vacuum carpet that is getting ready to be removed. Call me lazy, but from what I've seen it only gets the chunks on the surface anyway. Shudder!

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