Friday, June 24, 2011


I wrote a post about a year and a half ago about some elephants that I'd inherited.
I really wish that someone had asked Grandmother where each elephant came from. There is a story with each one and I regret not knowing. So this has prompted me to tell the story with each of my own.

This candle holder was actually given to me several years before I inherited Grandmother's elephants. 
I found it still in the box when we were unpacking and put it in the pile for Goodwill. I was in a cleaning mood and didn't want to dust around something else. Lucky for me I opened the box one last time to 
check before putting the donations in the car. 
When I saw that it was an elephant and not the cat I was remembering I kept it.
It was given to me by a friend for Christmas.

This elephant was also given to me a few years before my collection.
One of my dear friends moved to Thailand and brought this back with her on one of her trips home.

This was a mother's day present. I'd seen an elephant necklace in a store catalog, but when we went to the store they were out of stock. So I came home and found one on etsy. It doesn't resemble the one in the catalog at all, but I like it.

This one is my most recent one. We were walking through the gift shop at Ruby Falls and I spotted him sitting on a shelf. He was only a couple of dollars so I went ahead and bought him.
(Not sure why I'm calling it a him.)

Each time I receive another elephant I'll document when/where I received it so that someday when my children inherit all of these elephants they'll at least know where mine came from.

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