Friday, June 24, 2011

Christine Update

Christine is doing better this morning. They took her off her IV and removed the head wrap. The incision goes basically straight over the top from ear to ear but it is healing nicely. They did not have to shave her hair so she was eager to take a shower and get cleaned up. They said it was fine for her to take a shower though we should not scrub on the incision site. She feels and looks much more like herself. She can walk quite well and only her right arm still remain very weak. They were more concerned about her leg and they think that if she can move it well the arm will come back too. Her speech has improved slightly but she still can’t express very well what she wants to. The words just don’t come. This is probably the most disconcerting thing for her. But they think this will come.

OT and PT came by and she walked down the hall about 200 feet. My finger and lymph node are doing much better. Praise God.

Just a quick update for today.

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