Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm a neat and orderly person. I cleaned my entire house before I left for camp meeting so I could return to a nice house. I hate clutter and am (hopefully) teaching the children to be clean as well.
When we returned from camp meeting we spent a couple of days catching up on laundry, mowing, etc. and then we jumped into another project.
Jon had a coupon and June is 5% cash back on Discover for home improvement stores. So we went to Lowes to purchase our hardwood floors. I fell in love with this really cool one and we started figuring out what needed to be done when. Tuesday morning I moved EVERYTHING out of our bedroom. It is now in the library and hallway. We planned to shuffle things around as we put down the floor in each room.
But we quickly realized that this project was bigger than we'd planned. We still need to get some painting done and some paneling off the walls before we can lay the floor down. Also the trim needs to be put up in the library.
So last night I started painting in my bedroom. My mom is coming to help and I think I might have some more help as well. But the quiet relaxing summer before Dominic starts school has faded away rather quickly.

I was feeling so overwhelmed with painting, regular housework, vacation bible school, etc.
But VBS is over, the painting is coming along nicely and I'm taking a few minutes each day to catch up on the housework. But I did wonder there in the beginning if we'd made a mistake buying a home that needed updates.
I've included some pictures so you can see the chaos of my life.
The things in the bedroom needed somewhere to go.
Now that the bedroom was clear I could begin painting.
It's now cluttered with paint, brushes, etc. But this is the room empty.
This is what was under the carpet when we pulled it up in the hallway. The previous owner had very strange tastes. The master is hardwood, the formal living room and dining room were carpeted, and the rest of the house was originally this textured paint stuff.
Someday this house will be just the way we want it. And in spite of the stress, it's actually fun getting to change everything to suite our tastes and needs.

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