Monday, June 6, 2011


This time last year* was so totally different. Jon and I had stepped back and had decided to wait and see what God had planned for us. And then the phone started ringing with all of these recruiters while we were at camp meeting. By the time we had returned home we were pretty sure that Jon would have an interview in Cookeville, TN and were unsure of what the future would hold. I remember writing this post and at times wishing for a crystal ball to tell me the future. Well I guess I'm in the future and I can tell you - it looks pretty good.
God wanted us to move. But it had to be in His time and not our own. We needed to take a break from being in control and let Him handle it. And it's amazing how well He handles things when we let Him. =)

As I sat listening to Dominic sing tonight at the main auditorium I thought back to exactly a year ago when I heard a woman talking to the people behind me about Cookeville, TN and how ironic I thought it was that Jon had just spoken to a recruiter about a job in that very town. Even more ironic is that Tennessee has their own campmeeting and it ISN'T here in NC. What are the chances that on the night after we'd heard about this job, we would sit directly in front of people from another conference and that very town.
They were friendly and helpful and we exchanged info. I never dreamed that I was talking to future friends of mine. As I sat there tonight I looked around me and didn't see one Cookeville person within shouting distance even though about 10 families came this year.
Isn't God amazing?!
*I am posting this after I return from camp meeting because I don't want to let anyone know that I am not in my home. Paranoid, I know. But better safe than sorry.

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