Sunday, June 5, 2011


Thank you everyone for your prayers and emails concerning my post about my friend Christine.
I've been getting updates from my former school principal (Mrs. Clark) who is helping Christine and her family.
This letter was posted on Christine's facebook page and I thought I'd share so that everyone could see what they are praying for. 
I will continue to update - please continue to pray.

Just a quick update and note to thank you for all your prayers. As we see God’s hand leading, we are confident that the many prayers of our friends are touching the throne of God.

We had a consult with the chief Neurosurgeon at NIH Friday (We were so glad to have Harriet Clark and Shelly Powell with us as well). His comments were not as encouraging as those of the chief Neuro Oncologist the previous day, yet in many ways they were similar. He believes the tumor is a slow growing variety, but without invasive procedures or other testing which is not good for the fetus, no one can be sure. We are taking a reprieve at Shelly's home (Rob' sister, 4 hours away in Virginia) this weekend and perhaps the early part of next week, since the additional tests the nuerosurgeon wants are scheduled for later next week. It seems that the best time for surgery (during pregnancy) may be in the next few weeks. Most experts we speak with encourage us to have the surgery as soon as possible. Please keep us in prayer.

I have been sleeping A LOT—so tired and fatigued. Still some nausea and infrequent headaches. Not sure if it’s the pregnancy, tumor/seizure, or the Keppra, or maybe a combination of all three. So thankful that Megan Smith is with us to take care of Elliot—he knows her better than anyone and enjoys begins with her so much. It is such a relief to know that he is in good hands.

Just today I was able to read some advice on treating brain tumors. The biggest advice was to go see a neurosurgeon who was experienced in treating brain tumors—there are 4500 neurosurgeons in the USA and only 125 of them are experienced (experienced means treating over 25 brain tumors a year) on brain tumors. At the NIH they treat 3,000 brain tumors a year! We are so amazed that God has placed us in such good hands. As we see the way that He has guided so far, we can know that whatever comes ahead will be guided by His hand.

If you are an OH alumni or former student and haven’t gotten any of Harriet Clark’s updates, please email or FB her and give her your current email address as I get on the internet rarely and she will possibly update more frequently or will at least do so if I have surgery. I have been avoiding all phone calls--with my level of fatigue and hours spent with physicians, it just takes more energy than I have.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. I think this whole experience is hardest on my dear husband, Rob Neall, who is my greatest support and help and my main decision maker. Please keep him in prayer as well.

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