Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Here is another update on Christine -

We are experiencing constant change here.  Yesterday, the news from NIH was that surgery would be scheduled for the week of June 27.  It had seemed that their lives had settled down a little for the next couple of weeks.  Today, a new development.

Apparently the results of the lumbar puncture were mixed--not clear enough to rule out  lymphoma, not definitive enough to say that is what it is.  Bottom line is that the test will need to be redone.  Christine has had headaches from the previous lumbar puncture, which have kept her lying down most of the time for relief.  Today, we have rejoiced that her head was actually feeling much better.  Now it appears the cycle will begin again.  Presently the plan is to return to NIH tomorrow, have the test done early Thursday.  Due to protocol, she will need to be admitted into the hospital and stay there until the results come back next week.  If the results are the same, on Tuesday she will likely have a biopsy done or surgery.  If the results are different, the difference will determine the next step.

She and Rob had been looking forward to visiting old friends at Chester's wedding.  In fact, Rob is scheduled to be a groomsman.  Now, that may change.  Please pray for them in this topsy-turvy emotional time.  Pray also that the Lord will give wisdom to the physicians attending Christine.  God has worked many miracles thus far and we are standing with our arms outstretched asking for a big one!

Christine welcomes your facebook comments on her site and your emails.  She doesn't have the energy to respond back but it is very encouraging for her to hear from you and to know you are praying for her.  Rob, likewise needs your support and encouragement. It is wonderful being part of the family of God and knowing we are not alone through all of this.

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