Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I received this email just a few seconds ago and thought I should post it on my blog as soon as possible. Christine needs the prayers! So please don't stop praying for her, especially tomorrow.
Below is the email from Mrs. Clark (my high school principle).

Dear Friends,
I received a call from Rob this morning. It did not contain the news we wanted to hear, but we know that God is still in control and that in the end, His name will be glorified through all of this.  I have copied and pasted Christine's post.  At the end I will add a bit more information.

The docs came in this morning and said we'd most likely have surgery tomorrow morning to remove the tumor. The MRI showed a little more tumor, but the docs said it was possible that it was just because the first MRI was on another machine, so they are more wanting to do the surgery now than they were yesterday. There's a chance that I'll be paralyzed, but most likely for just a few days--part of the tumor is in the supplemental motor cortex (or something like that). They will be mapping during the surgery to help prevent taking too much out and to help prevent permanent paralysis. So I could be here for several days, or be here for a few weeks.
Feeling much better this morning! No LP headache (which ruled out lymphoma). Got up and walked a little bit--Yay! So nice having Rob's cousin, James, working here and encouraging us through the day (and his wonderful wife, Trenise who is an awesome cook and great with Elliot). Megan Smith is doing an awesome job with Elliot, and Carol and Shelly and Kerry and Linda and my mom and step-dad are supporting Rob and I here.

Thankful for the great doctors here and God's leading us here. Thankful for all the support we're getting. (Thankful for a surprise package from a suprise person who had a return address in Amity, AR, but a postmark from Berrien Springs, MI and a My Bible First bookmark in there). Please pray especially tomorrow during the surgery that God will guide the hands of the doctors and protect the baby too.

The surgery will begin between 8-9 am will last 4-6 hours.  It is being done under general anesthesia because it will enable the doctors to perform it more quickly while doing the mapping of the brain fuctions and the ob doctors think the general anesthesia will not harm the baby.  I am asking that you organize prayer bands to especially be praying between 7 and 2 tomorrow, the time surgery likely will be occurring.  Not only would we like the tumor to be gone but we are praying for no long term paralysis (5% of cases) and that indeed the tumor is not in the motor cortex.  God has blessed abundantly already and I am thankful He does not tire of blessing us.  We're told we have not because we ask not, so let us bombard heaven tomorrow with requests.  Ellen White wrote that an angel guided the hands of Dr. Kellogg during surgery. Please pray that angels will guide the hands of the surgeons' attending Christine as well.
Harriet Clark

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