Friday, July 1, 2011

2nd day

I ran again today. I'm pretty sure that I should probably start with every other day. But since I don't want to run on Saturdays then it would be two days before I ran again and I might not keep up with it. So I put huge bandaides over the blisters and headed out. It feels really warm out there and by 20 minutes I was soaked and dead. So I ran for about 5 more minutes and called it quits. Jon estimated how large our back yard is. He THINKS that 6 times around the inside of the fence is 1 mile. So based on that I was running a 8-9 min mile. I would run a half mile and on the last lap stop and walk around on the patio and drink and then start running again. I was definitely more tired today and it felt hotter, but I still think I did okay.

The crazy part is Dominic. He would run along side me talking the entire time. Then he'd fake fall, get up and speed ahead of me and then fall back to run with me again so he could talk.
The energy of the young.
Actually there is two crazy parts. I came back in starving again. I'd already eaten all of the peanut M&Ms yesterday so I'm eating chocolate chips. Sigh! How's a body supposed to lose weight this way?

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