Friday, September 2, 2011


The floor saga continued. After quite a bit of frustration on our part and complete disorganization and incompetence on Lowe's part we received the call that our flooring was in. I was ecstatic. We arrive to learn that only a portion of the flooring has arrived. They were going contact the warehouse to find out where the rest is. In other words, they either ordered wrong or lost our floor. So we headed home with some of the floor. It had to sit in the house for a week to acclimate to the indoor climate. So these last two weeks, after many interruptions, Jon finally finished putting the floor down in our bedroom, living room, kitchen and main bathroom. I was SO excited to finally be sleeping in my own bedroom again. Guests can now come in the front door like normal people. =)
I've also included some of the pictures from when we replaced the paneling in the living room since I didn't post any after pictures.

Jon removing the paneling.
(Someone actually came and picked this stuff up to use in their bedroom. Crazy people!)

We put extra electrical outlets in while we had the walls down.

Jon had put up the sheetrock and was mudding the walls.

He had quite a bit of help.
 Isn't it amazing how light the walls appear?!

 Then I painted and we moved the furniture back in so that we could live at least semi-normally until the floors arrived. When the first load came in Jon started working in the bedroom so we could get our bed out of the library. He had some help here as well.
The finished product in the bedroom.

The living room and kitchen. Notice the rags under all of the furniture? We don't want to scratch the floor. So this is a temporary fix until we can get pads for underneath.

The bathroom. Also notice that the toilet is no longer pink. I convinced Jon to replace it with one of those all one piece things. It's so much easier to clean. And it's not pink. =)

The hallway

Most of these rooms still need work done - paint touch ups, trim put back down, curtains and pictures re-hung, etc. But the major work has been done. And it's so nice to not have to deal with the carpet anymore. My allergies are already better.

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