Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Charleston - Here we come!

I thought about labeling these posts I, II, III, etc. But then I remembered how many pictures I had taken and I wasn't sure that I would be able to count that high in Roman numerals. =)

Jon and I headed down to Charleston on Thursday after he got off work. It's about a 7-8 hour trip so we packed a supper and didn't stop unless we absolutely had to. We wanted to have as much time down there as possible and didn't want to sleep most of Friday away.
When we woke up on Friday morning we decided to take the carriage ride that everyone had recommended and then wing it from there.

Our horse. For some reason I didn't get a better picture of him. Sorry Cooper!
The architecture here is amazing. I love old buildings and Charleston had a ton.
The carriage ride was nice. The guide told us quite a bit of history about Charleston, but also gave us ideas for things to do the rest of the time we were there.
After the ride we wandered around the downtown area taking pictures until lunch.
The weather was so beautiful.
 We had to take pictures of each other to prove we'd actually been there. =)
 Battery Park with all of the live oak trees.
 A new little oak tree.
I'm a huge urban decay fan and Charleston was an amazing place to take pictures for this. 
Salt water, age and weather are not friends to buildings.
 Gas light. It was so neat to see them flickering all around town.

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