Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What a wreck!

Several weeks ago a very dear friend of mine backed into my car (Actually Jon's Integra). She felt terrible about it. It wasn't bad, but it did need to be fixed. We were given a rental car while we waited. The time estimate in the beginning was five days. We finally got our car last night after 2 1/2 weeks.
But the main thing that I was frustrated with was the rental car. It was a Chevy Cobalt. Once again I was very unimpressed with Chevy. The car was terrible to drive, had blind spots, got horrible gas mileage for how small the car was, and couldn't accelerate.
I'm the driver who puts the most miles on a car in a week and since it was only going to be for about five days we figured I'd put the miles on the rental car. We had no idea it would take so long.
I posted a comment on the fact that I was hating driving an automatic and couldn't wait to get my car back with standard transmission. I couldn't believe how many people responded to the comment. It wasn't just the comments, but the strong opinions on standard vs. automatic.
I've always preferred driving a "stick". I can accelerate better and it's just plain more fun. Someday I might have to buy an automatic to save my knees. But I won't like it for two reasons. I don't like driving one and it will mean that I'm old (in my opinion). =)

It seems that my memory is not great - shocker, I know.
I found yet another draft in my posts and so here is another blog that I wrote several weeks ago. I'm going to go ahead and post it because I have an update of sorts.

When we got the car back from the shop the guy was nervous and wanted to explain something before I went out to look at it. Our car is was red. Over the years parts of it that received more sun have faded to a pale red pinkish color. But since the other parts are red it's easy to trick the eye and believe that the color is still red. The poor body shop just wasn't sure how to match the paint. So instead of painting one side of the car the original red they tried to match it with the top of the car that was pinkish. The problem is the bumpers were still red. It is an obvious color change no matter how or where you look at it. And sadly this had prompted Jon to finally admit that he's ready to trade in the Integra when we go to buy a new vehicle. He'd always said before that he'd trade whatever I was driving, but not his Integra. Now that it's pink I think he's ready to let go. It's sad, but also probably a good thing. His car just wasn't practical for our family anymore and we really need to get an SUV or truck. It's just sad to see him let go of his baby.

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