Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Jon and I headed to Charleston last week for a few days of relaxation away from stress and children. It was an amazing trip and I'm so glad that we planned it. Fifteen years is a really long time to be married these days and I'm so thankful that Jon and I can say that they've been wonderful years.

I think this was my favorite trip we've taken so far. It wasn't because the place was more glamorous. We've been to several countries in Europe, Hawaii, Florida, Smokey Mtns. etc. But this time we really, really appreciated it. We didn't have children until we'd been married 10 years and this time we enjoyed the silence, the uninterrupted meals and conversations, the chance to eat without considering children's menus or venue, the option to watch movies in our hotel room after 8pm, etc.
It was a truly glorious four days. But like typical parents we missed our kids like crazy and were so glad to come back home. We skyped twice a day with them and while there purchased Caitlin's birthday and both of their Christmas presents. It was just nice to do it on our time and with each other.

My camera came the day before we were supposed to leave. Talk about playing it close.
I took so many pictures that I filled the card and had to dump them on Jon's computer. So this first post is without pictures until I can get some sense of order about them and get them uploaded.

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