Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I'm not sure how I get myself into these predicaments. How do I go from having a little free time to being so completely swamped that half of it is still unfinished at the end of my crazy long day?
It doesn't help that we've had funerals, out of town trips, house renovations and extra school activities.
But I'm hoping that someday soon I won't head to bed closer to morning than night still feeling like I haven't gotten enough done in the day.
I think part of the problem is learning to say no. If it sounds fun and even remotely feasible I find myself saying yes. If it will help someone out and THEY won't be as stressed then I say yes and then stress myself.

Here are some of the things I've agreed to or "done" to myself.
My son's school has a talent action each year. There are several great photographers so I certainly can't submit my photos for people to buy. I'm not very talented in the crafty department. But I do make some pretty decent hair clips for my daughter. So I made almost 20 of them to sell in the auction. But that seemed so small and I really wanted to help the school out more. So I came up with the idea of giving out gift cards to a hair clip making session. Girls and their mom could come to my house and learn how to make hair clips. I made three of them. This is way more fun than actually making the clips, but also takes some extra time. And one mom bought two of the cards so she can have a party for her daughter's birthday. Ahhhhhhh! I am freaking out just a bit about that one. Lots of screaming girls in my ears (more on that later) and lots of little girls and hot glue guns with minimum adults.

When we went to parent orientation I saw the parent volunteer form. I want to participate with Dominic's school and help out any way that I can. So I signed up. I get an email from the teacher asking when I can come to the school. And when I looked at the calender I realized that I only have one day out of the entire seven that I don't have definite plans. So I told her I could come on that day. And then I realized that I had taken the only day I have to get my house clean, laundry done, extra errands run. I spent my first volunteer day this week and it went really well. It certainly isn't something I want to cut, but it's definitely something that is making me a bit crazy.

Jon and I have been married for fifteen years and wanted to do something special. So we planned a trip to Charleston. My wonderful, amazing in-laws are coming to watch the kids while Jon and I escape for a few days. I'm really looking forward to it, but getting ready and frantically working on the house to get it company worthy is also another stress factor.

And probably the main stress right now is my blog. I'm not a big fan of change so unless I've got plenty of time on my hands =) I don't spend much time exploring how to do things on the computer. This really great author contacted me about being in a bloggerthon to help promote other authors. The benefit for me is extra followers on my book review blog. But it involves adding some things on my blog and I'm completely clueless. Enter stress! I'm working on it, but it's a very, very slow process. I'm just hoping I'll be ready by December when the bloggerthon starts.

Case in point - I am writing a blog over at the kids blog about the hair clip session one of the parents purchased at the auction. I remembered writing this post so came over to find the blog so I could link the two and realized I'd never posted it. Sigh!
So here is this post, several days late because my brain is fried.

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