Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Camera drama

Jon and I leave in a couple of days for our anniversary trip. My in-laws are on their way, the bags are packed, the car cleaned, the kids prepared. But I'm still waiting on my camera. I purchased the camera used with the knowledge that it needed a good cleaning. And since I could see spots in the upper section of the picture when I took light pictures I went ahead and took it in to the shop about a month ago. The man promised me that I'd have it back in two weeks or less. After two weeks I called him. It turns out that the spots are a software problem. The camera is perfectly clean. Since the software problem is estimated to cost over $400 I decided to just have them return it. The shop that I took it to had it sent off to be evaluated since he doesn't do extensive cleaning or repairs. Apparently no one in Cookeville does camera work. So now I'm waiting for the camera to get back. I'm getting a bit anxious because I'm afraid that I'll be going on my trip without the camera. And since Charleston is a gorgeous town I can't go without a decent camera.
I've been bugging the poor guy every day for a week now and he said it should be here tomorrow. Otherwise I'm stuck with my point and shoot. So hopefully I'll have my nice camera and can post pictures while we are gone. And I'll need to invest in Photoshop so I can delete those annoying spots.

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