Friday, October 14, 2011

Dead phone

I've been running the same route almost from the beginning. It's very easy to get stuck in a rut, so to speak. So this morning I decided to take a different route. But I'd been wondering for a while if I should take my cell with me. Some of the edges of the road drop off  and it's pretty dark when I head out.
So I grabbed my cell and headed out for my run. About 10 steps down the road I realized that my pocket on that particular jacket wasn't deep and my phone was about to bounce out. My pants don't have pockets. I'll let you guess where I put my phone.

The fog was so thick that in places, even with my light, I couldn't see the white line on the road. So I was concerned that no one would be able to see me. The fog suddenly lifts in one spot and I look down to see my feet about two inches from the edge of the road, next to a five foot drop off. Not cool.
The fog is not close and I'm feeling better about visibility until a van comes within five feet of making me jump into the ditch. I had my ipod light on and my blinking light and they never swerved. I had to wave my arms around and yell and then they moved just enough. 

I get home and remember that I have a phone with me. I completely forgot that on a run I sweat. Duh! The phone seemed fine and I forgot about it. After taking Dominic to school I noticed that there was a tiny dime sized spot of moisture on the top window (it's a flip). I pulled all of the pieces apart, including the battery and left it for over an hour. It seemed dry so I put it back together. I get a call and notice that the top screen is fuzzy. When open the inside screen is fine. An hour later the phone is completely dead with nothing showing on either screen.

I have now lost all of my contacts! Sigh! And people say that running is an inexpensive sport.

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