Friday, October 14, 2011

Last random bits of Charleston

Some of the things that we did just aren't picture worthy.
Such as shopping for Christmas presents for the kids at the outlets,
going to the grocery store to buy several bags of junk food and returning to the hotel
to watch movie marathons, while eating said junk food,
the 2x a day that we talked to the kids on Skype,
the many restaurants that we tried (when on vacation NEVER go to a restaurant that you have at home)
the Nathanial something house we toured that didn't allow pictures inside.

So these last few photos are from our wanderings around downtown Charleston. We spent some time just walking around downtown and I think that was my favorite.

There were signs directing us to this church. When we got there we couldn't find very much. Just an old building. But the spanish moss was pretty cool. A recent hurricane had taken most of it off of the trees in Charleston.
Took these while sitting at a stop light. It wasn't the best section of town.
As I'm sure I've mentioned, I'm a fan of urban decay and this seemed to fit the bill.
Around town.
 Quite a few of the building were built together. But when there was an alley way these little gates would lead back to a small garden area. This one was called Devil's Den.
 There were people on almost every street corner making and selling these baskets.
The Nathaniel something house where we couldn't take pictures.
Jon stole my camera to take the picture above.
 We saw these benches all around town in the various gardens. It's a kissing bench. When a couple was dating (long, long ago) they would sit on either end of this bench and their friends would bounce them towards each other. When they met in the middle they could share their first kiss.
Some of the fall flowers and plants.
Just a few more. I promise.
This road is murder to drive down in a car. 
You'll need to see the chiropractor immediately afterwards. Trust me!
 We walked around a corner and saw this guy leading a wedding procession.
 Did you know the difference between a graveyard and a cemetery?
The grave yard is connected to the church and a cemetery is not.
I saw this couple as we were headed back to the hotel one evening.
Aren't they precious?!
This is how I want Jon and I to be when we are old!

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