Thursday, October 13, 2011

USS Yorktown

After lunch we headed over to see the battleship USS Yorktown. There was also a submarine that I can't remember the name of.
These bridges were interesting.
 This ship was huge. You could easily spend the entire day here.
 Another angle of the bridge.
 I loved the old equipment and "feel" about the ship. My grandpa was on a ship and it made me think of him.
 One of my favorite pictures.
 Jon was more interested in the rockets and gunpowder type stuff.
This plane looks like it has a huge mouth.
 See what I mean?! =)
The submarine was listing a bit. We could definitely feel it when we were inside.
 The sub was a bit tight. You certainly couldn't be huge and work on here.
 Self portrait on the sub.

 This ship is falling apart. May be why it's now part of a museum.
 Just a random building that I could see from the ship.
 What do you call urban decay when it's in the water? Nautical decay?
 Back on the ship again. Jon's piloting.
 An old camera.
 Aeronautical decay?
 Jet intake
 These types of pictures really show the spots on the camera. They just don't look like a software issue to me, so I'm going to take it to another camera shop in Nashville when I get the chance.
 I love this picture that Jon took. I just wish the "spots" weren't there. Guess it's time to invest in photoshop.

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