Sunday, November 20, 2011


I wrote about my first paintball experience on the other blog, but had to make a few comments here.
Most of the men wore camo this last time, so I wanted to fit in.
I headed to the local Goodwill to pick up something cheap. This way if I didn't like the game I hadn't wasted a ton on clothes.
Everything was bought with the thought of layering in mind. I was so bundled up that I'm not sure I would have felt a shot if I had been hit. It also made me look like I weighed 20 lbs more. But I think I was the only one concerned with that. =)

Here is a picture that was taken right before we headed out. It started to rain shortly after this and our masked fogged up quite a bit. Made it more difficult to see and aim. I'm looking forward to the next game when hopefully the weather will be nicer.
We are now officially rednecks. We have guns and camo. =)

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