Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Trot

When I started running back in the summer I was afraid that I would quit after a while. So I called my dad who has been running since I was just a toddler. He agreed to run a race on Thanksgiving day with me.

So this morning we got up at the crack of dawn and headed out through the fog and freezing temps to run. I had Jon take some pictures so I could remember that I actually ran later. =)

The course has several hills and I was pretty tired by the time I topped the hill to head down to the finish line. Just as I was heading down I saw my dad. He had come back after finishing the race to run the rest with me. It's a bit sad that my almost 60 year old dad can beat me, but it's true.

My dad kept encouraging me to run faster as we headed towards the finish line.
"Are you ready to push it now?"
"I bet you can beat that girl!"
"Okay, now you can go for it!"

So bear in mind that one of the pictures is of me in some serious pain. I crossed the finish line and had to sit down so I didn't pass out. I had a PR (personal record). I had expected to come in at around 33 min. So my family was not expecting me when I crossed the line at 29:46. The race was chip timed so it may be off by a few seconds (in my favor), but it was close enough that I'm willing to take it.

Just a picture to show you how foggy it was when we started.
 Let me tell you people - It was freezing! Well almost, it was 39 degrees.
 Let the race begin!
 And we're off. Notice my dad has already left me? =)
 Notice I'm smiling here? Just wait, it doesn't last. =)
 Almost there.
 Kicking it!!!
 And crossing the finish line!
It was fun (despite that face at the end) and I'm crazy enough to be doing it again in January. My dad and I have already registered for another race.

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