Monday, December 19, 2011

New truck

Jon and I have been talking for almost two years about wanting to get either a truck or an SUV. We had finally decided on a Honda Pilot. We are Honda people, through and through. We'd decided to sell the Accord since it had the most miles on it and also had a problem with the airbags that was making me nervous. We had priced them and figured it would be late spring or early summer (of 2012) before we could purchase one. About a week ago I was driving home and passed a small dealership. I saw this beautiful black Pilot sitting there. I knew it was not time to get one yet, but it drew me in. I talked to the owner for a few minutes and then blew it off. I even forgot to mention it to Jon right away. But I finally remembered to mention it and Jon acted way more interested than I thought he would.
To make a long story short we were able to get a really good deal on the truck and sold our Accord for more than we'd planned. So I now have this beautiful truck sitting in my carport.What makes it even more beautiful is that it's paid for. We didn't have to go into debt. A very lovely feeling!
 I am having to get used to driving an automatic. But it's worth it for the heated seats. Before you laugh - I'm ALWAYS cold. And these seats heat up almost instantly. They are warm long before the heat in the car warms me up. This is making me a VERY happy person right now. =)

Jon joked that we now have a pilot in the house and a Pilot outside too.
On another note - Jon and I always name our cars. Okay, it's mostly me.
My first car was a tiny Honda Civic that Jon (my then fiance) purchased for me. I named her Lucy.
All of the rest have been named. But I'm stuck with a name for my Pilot. He's a boy, just in case you decide to help me out. =)

This post may seem random, but the point is - I'm very, very thankful! We needed a larger vehicle to transport kids, dogs, motorcycles and house renovation stuff in and now we have one. And God has blessed us so that we were able to purchase it without going into debt. It's has everything on my wishlist, even the color is one of the three preferred colors.
I'm blessed and thankful for that!

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  1. It is a beauty! Nothing like that new car smell! I love heated seats too- I use them year round, in the winter for warmth and in the summer as a heating pad when needed:) I've been known to turn on the ac and the heated seats all at the same time... heaven! Enjoy your new car and drive safe!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    p.s. thank you so much for leaving your "calling card!"