Thursday, January 19, 2012


Remember I said this wasn't my month. Here is further proof.

Today I went to Walmart after dropping off little man at school. I had gone to the grocery store yesterday, but both stores were either out of things or I forgot to get them.
I get to the checkout with an almost full buggy. As I placed the last item on the conveyer belt I reached into my purse for my wallet. It wasn't there.
I put everything back into the cart, reassured the clerk I would return soon and rushed home to get my wallet. Since it was Coffee Girls I decided to get the things that I needed from home and just put my one bag of cold stuff in Wendy's frig. But I ran into the house, grabbed the wallet and returned to Walmart. It wasn't until I was leaving the store that I realized I hadn't gotten anything from home and would need to return AGAIN. I returned to pick up my coffee cake that I was taking and realized that I'd left it on the top of the toaster oven this morning when I'd heated up the waffles. The plastic container was completely warped and wouldn't snap shut. So I had to wrap it in plastic just to keep the stuff from coming out in my truck.

The vet called with an update on our dog. She had surgery this morning to remove something that looked like a plastic screw from her intestines. Turns out it was the dog version of her appendix that was growing inside her intestines (they are supposed to be on the outside) and blocking off her food supply from giving her nutrients. It was caused by the large amounts of non-food items she inhales daily. So now we need to purchase a muzzle for her so she can't eat anything without our consent. She will need to stay there over the weekend to be under observation since intestine surgery is risky. Sigh!

So often it's easy to be depressed and frustrated with the way life is dealing your hand. Are there not any breaks in sight? Why me?

But this past month has really shown me how amazing and wonderful my friends are. It's shown me that I'm not all alone and that people really do care. Life is survivable. It's often the little things that help - An article about mothering, a blog about life being hard, Coffee girls giving my mom a breast cancer key chain or taking pictures with a friend.
So while life can have some sucky* parts right now, it also has some really awesome parts. And that's what I'm going to try to concentrate on and be thankful for.

*Spell check says this isn't a word, but I disagree!


  1. *Spell check is sucky. :-D We need to shoot some more!

    1. I completely agree. I'll be uploading my pics soon. You should see the house I went to after we left the burned one. It was so cool. I want to return when I have more time to explore.