Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm heading to bed. But I wanted to write just a short post.
2012 has started off with a bang. Actually I think it was a whistle or something.
I ran my 2nd 5K with my dad this afternoon in Mt. Juliet.
Thankfully it started at 1pm since I was up rather late last night cleaning up from a party.

I am ashamed to admit this, but I had only run 3x since the race on Thanksgiving. It was for various reasons, but this meant that I wasn't as prepared for today. One thing I didn't think about was blisters. I get them almost every time I run. It's a side effect of running on my tip toes. I've tried everything and so far nothing has worked. I forgot about this today or would have taped my feet. 

So it turned out that I ran the race slow and ended feeling great except for tons of blisters. I could have pushed myself and had a much better time, but just didn't want to tear my feet up any more.

Waiting on the race to start. Notice anything unusual behind us? This poor man was a bit handicapped, I think. I felt so sorry for him. He started out at the front of the race and did okay for the first 1/2 mile or so. Then he started moaning and limping. He finished a long time after I did (and I'm slow). But at least he had fun before and pushed though.
 I finally noticed Jon was taking pictures.
 I started with a smile. It was mainly because of my large cheering section as I ran past. My kids are loud. =)
 My dad about to cross the finish line. Once again WAY ahead of his daughter.
 My sweet dad walked back to run in with me. Because of the blisters he didn't push me to run faster. But it was still nice to have the company.
 Heading in.
 And over the finish line. My gun time was 33:15 and my chip time (official time) was 33:02.
It isn't great, but at least it is about normal for my running times and next time I'll remember to wrap my toes. Oh yeah, and exercise more. =)
Happy New Year! May this year be wonderful and healthy.

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