Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today has not gone as I planned. I'm the type that plans something to death. There are lists and schedules and tons of thought. Once I've ironed everything out I'm willing to deviate, but reluctantly so.

My poor mom's surgery issues are NOT going as planned. There isn't anything I can do to make her feel better, be in less pain or heal quicker. It's frustrating. All I can do is sit there and hold her hand while she squeezes mine every time she swallows or moves her head.

My brother is leaving and returning with red eyes. I'll admit that I've had those same moments myself. It makes me wonder how my heavenly Father can stand to watch us in pain. He must be in agony. It's no wonder that He can't wait to return for us.

The doctor told us that he almost lost my mom. Can you imagine what that did to my heart.
So right now we are waiting. Waiting for visiting hours to start again, waiting for my mom to stabilize enough so they can do surgery and waiting to see what plan B will be.

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