Monday, February 6, 2012


My mom went home from the hospital late Friday afternoon.
She's been having some issues with her blood pressure and getting hydrated. I'm very, very thankful that my aunt is there to help out. I'm not a nurse and really wouldn't have known what to do in some of the situations. Very thankful!
But other than that my mom seems to be doing well. It's harder to talk to her since I'm not there to read her lips or read her notebook. But my aunt and dad said she's slowly healing.

Today she had to go to the doctor. She wasn't feeling well and found out she had a slight fever. So she has a few more Rx to fill and some suction equipment for her trach.
She gets her results back from the biopsy of the lymph nodes on the 15th.
So we are all praying for good results.

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  1. will keep praying! Glad she's home, I'm sure she's much more comfortable. I know she'll be glad when she can get that trach out