Friday, February 3, 2012

Update on my mom

My mom is doing better for the most part this morning. Yesterday she was still so sleepy from the anesthesia that she wasn't feeling any pain and slept most of the day.
Today she looks better than she's looked since Tuesday. But the pain is worse. They giving her pain meds but these make her sleepy. It will be a slow healing process, but we are all just so thankful that she's on the road to recovery.

This morning I ran to the store to get thank you cards and candy for all of her doctors and nurses. Our entire family has been so impressed with the amazing staff at this hospital. I can't begin to describe how sweet and gracious they've all been. It's so difficult to watch a loved one in pain. But it eases our minds to know that the staff is taking such good care of her and seems to care for her almost as much as we do.

Mom should be released right after lunch if the doctor can get by quickly on his rounds. 
Then I'll be heading back home to my little family while my dad and my aunt take the first shift of caring for her. I'll be coming later in the month to help after my aunt returns home.
My mom is hoping to have the tach removed in about two weeks.

Thank you again for the prayers, texts, calls and love that you have all shown. I couldn't have made it with out my heavenly Father and my wonderful friends and family.

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