Thursday, March 29, 2012

Becoming Vegetarian

Our entire family is now eating vegetarian.
Let me explain -

Jon's company has been working with the local hospital to promote healthy living among the employees. We've already benefited because they are giving us a discount at the local YMCA.
But they've also done quite a few health talks, a full blood work up and physical and given us discounts at doctor's offices.
Jon was a little surprised for them to tell him that he wasn't completely healthy. I wasn't. =)
Then we went to Thailand. While there we drank huge amounts of water, ate foods made from scratch and only ate chicken one time in the approx. two weeks we were there.
We felt great. The heat was a bit draining at times, but we still felt better than we normally do at home.
We returned to find this article (or ones similar) about red meat all over the internet.
It was probably a combination of all of this that lead to Jon's decision.
Jon came home from work that first week back and announced that he'd decided to become vegetarian. Dominic had already decided this a few months earlier, based on some conversations he'd had at school with friends. Since Caitlin follows everything her brother does, she was now vegetarian as well.
I don't cook with meat very often at home. And when I do, it's only turkey or chicken. The main deal was when we ate out. Jon enjoys a burger and I'll almost always choose something with chicken in it. So the transition hasn't been as bad as someone who eats meat all of the time.
Honestly I thought Jon would quit after a few weeks. But he's been better at it then I am. And I was raised vegetarian.
 We've now been vegetarian for four weeks (including our two weeks in Thailand) and are exercising and trying to eat more healthy. Jon's blood work has already show improvements.
All pictures were taken during a trip to the market in Muak Lek.
Perhaps I should have used the pictures I took of the fruits and vegetables. Want to join us in eating healthier? =)


  1. Ok - I'm a confirmed meat-eater - and those pics are grossing me out LOL

  2. I was doing okay with your pictures (Korea helped steel me to it) but the blood bags made me gag...yuck...
    Good for you guys though =) Now we just have to be gluten free or something like that.