Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Inspiration

My mom called me tonight.
She had really been praying about my not sharing her health story on my blog. She felt impressed to tell me to share again. She remembered my saying how many people read my blog and were praying for her. She feels like God saved her life and it isn't her place to decide what to share/not share.

She asked me to continue to post updates on her health because she doesn't want her testimony to be limited. It isn't her place to stop His voice. And she can't help but want to tell everyone that she is here because of God and his saving powers.
The doctor today and one last week told her that she was a walking miracle. When you are a miracle you want the world to know what God has done for you. So I will be continuing to update everyone.

Please remember that all of my knowledge is from my mom who is not in the medical field. Neither am I so everything I write here is my (or my moms) take on her health issues. 

She has been talking with a lisp, having other speech issues and some balance issues. I, and several others, felt she'd had a stroke.
She saw a neurologist who told her that when trying to intubate her, a spot on the back of her throat was hit hard enough to paralyze her. It had something to do with the 12 area/region of her spine. He told her that she was lucky to be alive, not just slightly paralyzed. This was how he explained her tongue not working and the slurring of her words. She saw another doctor (not related to the hospital - therefore not worried about a lawsuit) who told her that he wasn't so sure that she hadn't had a stroke as well based on her other issues. But since she was doing so great he wasn't going to worry about it. 

The other issues are relating to her cancer. She's seeing a mass of doctors for various reasons. The oncologist is the one who is trying to help her choose what options will best suit her and best keep the cancer from ever returning. The one that looks the most promising works to insure that the breast cancer won't return. Since they also found some pre-cancerous lumps when they did the mastectomy it's a very real concern. But the drug that the doctor wants to use has several nasty side effects.
We all think we are invincible until reality hits. My mom's reality is getting breast cancer. 
So the next few weeks and months are getting back her pre-surgery strength and energy and deciding where she wants to go from here.

Every doctor that my mom has seen has been amazed at how fast she's healing, how well she's coping with the different negatives that have been thrown at her and how much God has blessed her. He has big things planned for her future. So while she's still tired and has some major changes and decisions ahead of her, she's feeling blessed and thankful.

My mom wanted me to say a huge thank you to each reader. Your prayers are why she is here today and she can't begin to thank you enough. Thank you for caring!

I wrote this last week, became distracted and forgot to post it. Since then my mom has had dangerously high levels in her potassium which the doctor wanted to hospitalize her for. That is now under control, but she really wants to find out what is causing everything to go crazy in her body and get it under control.

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  1. Your mom is very brave and should be an inspiration to all of us to share God's work in our lives even if it means we might be misunderstood. She is in my prayers and I know many others are praying for her and your whole family.