Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sabbath walk

I’m not very good at remembering the names of things. So Laura helped me with these. These pictures are from our walk on the first Sabbath.
This is a dragon fruit plant. It looks like a cactus plant on a cement wheel to me. =)
Banana tree
 Did you know that once a banana tree produces one bunch of fruit, it dies? As it’s growing it puts out more plants. So technically there should always be more trees and more fruit coming up.
 A banana flower or bloom
This is called tamarind. It tastes a bit like sour fruit leather. Laura said that is wasn’t usually so sour. (Later during the trip we tasted some that wasn't sour. It was pretty good.)
Everywhere you go, you see statues and shrines to the spirits. This one is pretty large. Usually they are small house like structures.
 I think these are my favorite flowers here. They are so gorgeous and they smell really good too.
 This is the house of the guy who owns this wanna be resort. He might not have the resort up to par, but his home is beautiful.
Mushroom houses. There weren’t any mushrooms growing, but it was neat to see how they grow them.
More flowers

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