Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thoughts on Thailand

If you are reading my family blog you will have noticed that our family took a trip to see some friends in Thailand. Over the next week I’ll be posting pictures and experiences from our trip. I wrote these blogs in Thailand while it was still fresh in my mind.
I’ve only been here for two days now and I’m so thankful that we came. The Thai people are so sweet and gracious and the lifestyle is more relaxed.  Our friends are pretty awesome as well. =) Jon and I have really missed living close to them.
When we got off the plane in Bangkok we stood for a moment looking at the board trying to figure out which customs gate to exit through. A man saw us looking and walked us the length of the airport so we could go through the fast lane and not have a wait. He said it was because we had small children. Then he guided us to our baggage claim and helped us look for our bags. He was so sweet and helpful.
I’ve been reminded several times here that life is not about things – it’s about people and relationships. Things just weigh you down and complicate your life. It actually plays into the lesson our group at church is studying right now. We are going through a study called The Simple Life. It’s all about simplifying your life so there is room for God, friends and family.
I will probably be posting most of the pictures and blogs on the family blog since this was a vacation with the whole family. But I will put a few things and tons of scenic pictures here. I’ve had a request for flower/plant pictures and I’m going to the market tomorrow. I’m guessing that this will be a great photo opportunity.
 These flowers were all over campus and came in quite a few different colors.

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