Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thai Massage

I just returned from a Thai massage. Jon and Ryan went two days ago and Laura and I were supposed to go today. But Lia was sick and Laura didn’t want to leave her. So I decided to try by myself. Jon and I rode the bike and he dropped me off.
They give you scrubs to change into. Then you soak your feet in something before lying on a mat. There is a large raised platform with about five mats on it. I laid down on the mat and my massage began. It certainly isn’t like a massage in the US.
       1. They don’t really knead you; it is more like strong pokes. It is hard, but I didn’t think it was painful. Jon wasn’t as convinced. =)
2. Another difference is the areas they massage. In the US they wouldn’t dream of touching you on the inside of your leg – here, not so much. It can be a little invasive if you aren’t prepared. =) Thankfully I was warned by Laura and Jon what it was going to be like.
3.       The massage lady uses her feet.
4.       She also pulls and twists and made my body go in some strange positions.
5.       It cost about $6.50 for one hour massage.
Afterwards I drank this really sweet, warm tea. I don’t usually like tea, but this was very good.
It is incredibly hot here so the air conditioning in the massage place felt good as well. It is definitely an experience that I enjoyed and hope that I can repeat before I go home.

I had another massage in Bangkok that was a completely different experience. Laura and I went together before supper. When we walked in the ladies seemed a little flustered. Turns out they had to move a man so that we could be beside each other.
My capri pants had some snaps on them and I think my lady was unsure she could massage through it. So she offered me some scrub pants. But when they brought the only pair they had we all had a good laugh. They were closer to shorts. So I declined. 
 My lady was very distracted and kept forgetting where she was. Since I'd had one Thai massage and I could see the other lady working with Laura, I could tell she was getting lost and then just jumping in again where her co-worker was. About 10 minutes into our massage the man beside us finished and couldn't find his wallet. So our massage was paused so they could check the cushions we were lying on to see if he'd left it when he was moved.
My lady also took a couple of phone calls on her cell during the massage.
It was a very entertaining experience. I enjoyed it, but am thankful I had a Thai massage previously so that I knew what one was really supposed to be like.
I had fun explaining to my massage therapist here what it was like to get a massage in Thailand.

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