Friday, March 16, 2012

Urban Decay Thailand style

If a photographer is into urban decay, than Bangkok is the place to come. They build some beautiful and amazing structures. But apparently maintenance is not something they are familiar with. Because once the building is up, it is then forgotten about. Brand new buildings are surrounded by urban decay.  The building that Laura’s parents are staying in used to be beautiful. It’s obvious by the woodwork and the decorative details that it was a very nice building long ago. But now it is falling down and from the looks of it, there are no plans for upkeep. It’s sad, really.

All of the photos in this group are taken in buildings that are currently being used.
This is not decay to them, it is normal wear and tear.

 These photos were taken on our walk to the floating market.
They were all taken of homes that people were currently living in.
 These pictures were taken of an abandoned duplex that I saw on the bike trip Jon and I took around Muak Lek. What was interesting to me was that one apartment had a regular toilet and the other side had a squat pot.

I'm still sorting through the 2195 pictures I took while in Thailand. 
There will be more urban decay pictures when I'm finished.

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