Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update on Mom

This blog has always been a place for expressing my opinions and showcasing my interests.
My mom getting breast cancer was very personal for me. Aside from it being my mom, I'd been through a personal scare several years earlier and could relate, in a very small way, to what she was going through. When she began having problems it shook me to the core. I couldn't express the things I was feeling, but blogging helped me sort through them.
I blogged about her cancer struggles for that reason and also the caring people who wanted to know specifics to pray for. People all over the world are praying for my mom and that meant so much to me. But while dealing with this, especially at the hospital, I couldn't answer every email or facebook question. So I used my blog as a way to keep all of my wonderful friends updated.

This weekend I was able to take a quick trip to see my parents. Because of the bad timing of my Thailand trip, this was the first time I'd seen my mom since the hospital. I'd talked to her almost every day since the trach was removed, but hadn't seen for myself that she was doing better.

While there we had a serious talk about this blog. She told me that she and my dad had been seriously hurt by someone who is apparently reading this blog. Since I have no idea who reads it unless they become a follower I wasn't aware of what was happening. They requested that I no longer post health updates about her on my blog. It's MY blog, but it's HER health so I agreed. But I hated to leave my friends (mostly those who do not live close enough for me to see regularly) with no idea of what was going on. So we compromised. 

Here is the deal -
If you are praying for my mom and would like an update on her health you may contact me at the email listed on my profile. My mom has given her permission for me to tell any of you, who email me, what I would have normally written on the blog. If you know my mom then, of course, you may contact her and she is willing to discuss it with you as well. 
(She feels this person will not email us, thus eliminating them from the issue.)
I'm sorry to not be able to express myself here, but my parents are more important than my feelings and I never meant for this to hurt them. And I'm truly sorry that they have been.
Please continue to pray for my mom as her struggles are just beginning in some ways. She still needs your prayers and would welcome your calls and comments as well.

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