Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 12

Something That Makes You Happy

When I saw this on the photo schedule I knew what I was going to post. We were scheduled to take out our "new" kayak with a friend that day. But several severe storms cropped up and the outing was rescheduled. I was bummed. Now what was I going to post for my photo challenge? There are quite a few things that make me happy, but sadly you know all about them. And I'm quite sure that my few little readers are thoroughly sick of hearing how much I love books, chocolate and diet coke. This was the day that my posting pictures for the photo challenge went off track. I think I only posted one picture last week. So now I'm getting back on schedule and I realized that I could post the picture I wanted. We took our kayak out on Sunday for a day long river trip. So here is something that makes me very, very happy. It also makes me unstressed, mellow and thankful.
Taken from my point and shoot since I was too afraid to take my good camera.

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