Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 18

Something You Made

I made bracelets for the kids with my cell number on them.
A friend saw this idea on Pinterest and told me about it. I've yet to find it. But since I've now made them, I can add my pictures to Pinterest instead. =)
My kids are usually pretty good about staying where they should be in public. But occasionally we get separated or they aren't with me to begin with. My son had my old cell number memorized, but can't seem to get my new one. (Don't feel bad, Dominic. Mommy can't remember it either.)
So I made these bracelets for when we are at places like the zoo, camp meeting, MOPS, etc.
They wanted to wear them right away. So I made them something else.
Caitlin liked hers in theory, but it didn't stay on very long.
Dominic has worn his frequently since then.

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