Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 6


Today has been super busy for a reason I didn't see coming. Jon left before I woke up to head to the church for the Pathfinder rummage sale. He called me about an hour after I'd woken up to ask if I wanted to come down and check out the books. A man had passed away a couple of years ago and his family donated his library. So there were four long tables piled high with tons of books. There were so many that I just couldn't chose what I wanted. So I asked the guy in charge if I could have all four tables for $50. He agreed and everyone helped me load them into my SUV, and when that was full, my car. I have spent my entire day going through books, repacking boxes of rejects and putting the books I'm saving into the computer software I use. It's night and I'm just now working on putting them on the shelves. I only kept several hundred, or so. =)
So this picture is me. I am a confirmed bibliophile so this picture certainly shows a part of me.
Sadly, for Jon, this is only a small pile of the books that I kept.

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