Friday, June 29, 2012

My crazy life

Warning!!! Incredibly long post and some grossness!

I've already written about some of my week in an earlier post.
The very next day I was going to my mom's house to go shopping with her for a few hours. Jon suggested I take the Integra since we weren't sure the plugs were going to hold in the tire. So early Tuesday morning I headed to see my mom. It's about a 2 hour drive over there. While we were shopping I found the cutest dresser. It was very similar to one we'd been looking at, but tons cheaper. So I bought it. And then realized I was driving a teeny, tiny, little car. The guys helping me load the dresser alternated between laughing at me and shaking their heads at my "stupid blond moment" (their words, not mine). After quite a bit of rope, we succeeded in getting the dresser secure and I headed for home. My friend Tamera was taking our pictures that evening for her new photography business (I'll blog about it on the other blog when I get the cd.) So I had to hurry home. I decided to drive about 65 so as not to cause an accident by being too slow. After over an hour of sitting in stop & go traffic because of three major accidents we were all hot (the Integra is a hatchback - ac wasn't doing any good) and I had a numb foot from driving a standard. It took us over 3 hours to get home and we had to push the photo shoot back an hour.

Last night right after Jon came home from work we noticed that our home phone and internet weren't working. It had something to do with our cable connection. I had left my cell phone charger at my mom's and naturally my cell phone was completely dead. I had promised a friend I would come over to her house and I couldn't find my car keys. Jon was leaving with the kids to go to the Y and I had no way of contacting her. How do you contact someone when you don't have a phone or internet? I finally found my keys and headed over to her house - late. When I returned home I was greeted with the news that it was going to be Monday at the earliest before they could make it to our house to fix whatever the problem was. I went to the store and bought another phone charger. But every time I passed by my computer I felt a little pain. =) I know! Signs of a serious addiction. I almost hugged the cable guy when he showed up at my door today. Almost!

Fast forward to this afternoon. The kids were cranky because it's been so hot (over 100F) that they couldn't play outside. So I told them they could play in the kiddy pool on the patio for a while. It was in the shade and I figured they could at least be outside this way. While I was getting the water hooked up Dominic yelled at me to come see a "HUGE dead animal". The dogs are always killing moles, rabbits, possum, etc. so I figured it was just a big one of those. Not so much.

Do not continue reading if you have a weak stomach. Trust me!

I ran down to the pear tree, since the dogs were obviously fighting over something, to find this -
It's a woodchuck. I thought these things were supposed to be cute. They are on tv. =)
In his defence he had blood, guts, and poop working against him though.
I got everything on to the shovel and carried him off. Eeeewwww! Yuck!
Let me tell you, that was one gross job. The kids were fascinated and the dogs were mad.
And on a side note - that little dude was heavy. He weighed almost as much as Caitlin. 
After a week like this I am very thankful that it is over and I can start again next week.
Thanks for letting me get all of that out. 
Now aren't you glad you got to see a woodchuck up close and personal? =)

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