Thursday, July 19, 2012

Star struck

Every time I hear someone gush about a celebrity or die in ecstasy because they were able to see a music star I smile. And most of that smile is because they are happy. But I'll be honest, a very small part is because I find it highly amusing and just don't get it.

Everyone is human. We all make mistakes and have talents. Quite a few of us shy away from the spotlight and some of us have talents that the world doesn't really care about. But the ones that have the popular talents and enjoy the stage get all of the awe and glory. Why?

I probably wouldn't recognize some of the "lesser" stars. But the ones that I would recognize would not get a scream or even a word from me. Why? Because they are just people. And I don't see a point in talking to them just because they are famous.

There are, however, people that I get excited to talk to and feel strongly about meeting. People whose talent, way of life or actions inspire me. These are the people who I would love to meet. These are the people that make me cry at the beauty of their lives or that make me dance around my living room because they friended me on facebook. =)

Let me introduce some of them to you.
They are in no particular order.

F. Paul Wilson
I have been a huge fan of his Repairman Jack novels for quite some time. He has a real talent for writing that most can only dream of. I was trying to remember the name of a book and decided to contact him via facebook. He answered within 30 minutes and we are now friends on facebook. Talk about star struck! He doesn't know me from Adam Eve and yet he was so helpful and nice.
Website here.

Dee Henderson
An author that is sending me her book because I asked. And while the first two people mentioned are authors, I also admire Dee for her Christian influence in her books, her dedication to her readers, and commitment to her family. When someone is gracious, kind and considerate it makes their talent shine all the more. Website here.

This lady has inspired me with her photography for several months now. But recently I read a blog post that inspired me in a completely different way. I'll provide the link so you can read the story, but basically she chose to be kind to someone different from her. Sadly this doesn't happen often and it touched my heart. These are the type of people we should be admiring and gushing over.

I've been following Shannon's blog almost from the very beginning. Her style of writing, photography skills and humor have had me anticipating her blogs every time I get onto the computer. But it's her faith that has inspired me and makes me hope that someday I can meet her in person. (Okay, and our mutual love of chips and salsa.) Link to Shannon's blog.

This woman was an inspiration to me almost from the very first time I met her. She is the only one on this list that I've met in person. But I'm so very thankful that I have. Her grace, patience and laughter are only a few things that draw people to her. But a few months ago this woman suffered a tragedy that most of us will never face. And yet her faith and love have come through even more during those times. If only there were more people like her the world would be a truly beautiful place.

I haven't mentioned all of the people that inspire me, the people I'd love to meet and the talented people that I work with. These are just a few that came to mind. I have been so blessed to work with some of the most amazing authors in the world. There are cases of rude and ugly authors out there. And sadly those are the ones that go viral. But thankfully that hasn't been my case. I get emails every day that showcase how wonderful, gracious and sweet authors are.

So if you hear me sighing in rapture or see me dancing around my living room it's probably because I got to meet a truly talented person who is normal just like us.

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  1. Oh thank you. What a beautiful post. Thank you. I haven't had a chance to call Pip for a few weeks with life getting in the way, but I'm going to take some time this weekend and call him. Thanks for prompting me. x