Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Biker Weekend

Several years ago I saw an article about Tail of the Dragon. I might have made the comment that if Jon wanted to ride it he would have to ride it alone.

Fast forward several years and Jon's uncle helped to start a biker's retreat in NC. Jon wasn't able to go the first two years, but we made plans to go this year. I had no idea what the details were. Jon took care of registration and travel details and I took care of child and pet care.
We got a later start than planned and it was after dark when we stopped for a break that I realized that I was heading into the Tail of the Dragon at 10pm at night. I was going to go through 318 curves in 11 miles IN THE DARK!

I drove the car in and then rode on the bike with Jon the whole weekend.

Very blurry picture. But this is where I realized where we were headed.
The dragon kind of clued me in.
Let me tell you - It was the most fun I've had in ages. Remind me next time I make a declaration that I should probably leave things open to change. Because I can't believe what I was missing this whole time.

Jon outside the chapel right before our ride.
I am married to the most amazing man, just in case I forgot to mention that.
I was taking pictures for people when I looked up and noticed Jon taking my picture.
Proof that I actually went on the ride since I'm usually behind the camera.
Also proof that I'm a bit goofy. =)
Uncle Tom and Aunt Sue.
Some of us stopped for a break and took some pictures.
After riding through the Dragon we stopped at Deals Gap for a break and to discuss where to go from there.
While riding Jon felt a bug hit his glasses and slide by his face. He had his face shield up.
When we stopped he mentioned to someone that his worst nightmare was having a bumblebee come into his helmet. We got back to the cabin and Jon took off his helmet to find this little guy.
He was still very much alive.
More pictures to follow.

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