Thursday, September 13, 2012

God Moments

Have you ever had a moment where you knew that it was a complete miracle or a huge blessing? One of my friends recently called it a God Moment.

Well I've had two God moments this week.

Several months ago we received a free oil change from the dealership that we've taken our vehicles to for body work. Jon always changes the oil, but you can't really pass up free. So I took the truck in on Tuesday. After a few moments the guy came back out and asked me to come into the work area with him. When they put the truck up on the pedestal it allowed them to see a piece of the axle beside the back wheel had been improperly welded together. He told me that I could have done something as simple as hit a small pot hole and the tire would have blown, the break lines possibly snap, and the truck would wreck. If I happened to be going very fast it would have been a major wreck. It was something that would never have been noticed if I hadn't taken the truck in for that free oil change. God knew that issue was there and had them give us that coupon.

Today I was at Coffee Girls for our usual Thursday get-together. Several of the kids were playing under the table and I squealed because one of the little girls had grabbed my toes. The girls laughed at me and a few minutes later the mom asked where her daughter was. I thought she was still at my feet, so when we noticed she wasn't, none of us really panicked. A few minutes later after searching the yard and entire house we were starting to panic. One of the neighbors happened to be out in her yard and heard us shouting. She told the mom to check out another neighbor's pool. The baby girl had gone four houses down and was in the pool. Thanks to the neighbor, friends, and a quick response from the emergency people, she is going to be fine. If the mom hadn't thought to check on her daughter right then or if the neighbor hadn't been in the yard and told the mom about the pool, today would have had a very different outcome. It was definitely a God moment that had us all responding so quickly and efficiently.

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