Thursday, December 27, 2012

16 years ago

A long, long time ago a really amazing man asked me to marry him. After I said yes we needed a nice church to get married in. We were living in different states and once married would be attending a new church. Our wedding was going to be family and only a few close friends. The church I was attending had pink seats, gold chandeliers and glitter on the ceiling. Not my first choice for decor. So I picked a small country church about an hour from our home. 
 Many years ago my parents got married in a church in Maryville, TN that was designed after a church in England. 
 They were the same age as Jon and I when we got married.

When the small group in Centerville, TN decided to build a church they followed the plans for the Maryville church. It was perfect.

So a couple of weeks before Christmas our family went to my parents for the weekend. On a whim we decided to visit this church instead of the one I attended growing up. Jon and I hadn't been back in the 16 years since our wedding.
A kind soul offered to take our picture in the same spot as one of our wedding pictures. 
We've aged and weight a bit more now. =)
Marrying this man was one of the best decisions of my life. I've never been sorry.
Just a bit of irony that we thought of as we were leaving to come home - we moved our wedding date from December 15 to September 1 because we missed each other so much and didn't want to put off the wedding any more. Our visit back this year fell on December 15.

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  1. Beautiful church and yes, you look a little (not much!) older, but I agree that you made a very wise choice in the man you picked. Happy for you both!