Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grandpa & Jack Reacher

Several months ago my grandpa was visiting and was browsing in my library. He came back into the living room all excited. Jon had quite a few books by one of his favorite authors, Lee Child. Jon had just gotten the books and hadn't read them. Jon and my grandpa share very similar tastes in books so I knew Jon was going to enjoy them if grandpa did.

Fast forward to a month ago. Jon has now read several of Lee Child's books featuring a character called Jack Reacher. When Jon saw that one of the books had been made into a movie he got a brilliant idea. We would drive the almost 9 hours to my grandpa's house and take him to the movies.

We chose to go up the weekend of my grandma's birthday so we could help her celebrate that as well.
We left the kids at my parents on Thursday night 
and headed out on Friday morning after Daddy and I ran five miles together. 
We took our time and stopped whenever we saw something that interested us. 
It was like being on a weekend long date.

Saturday night we took my grandparents out to eat for grandma's birthday and then my aunt took her home (she hates those types of movies) and we took grandpa to the movies.

My grandparents are the cutest couple! It's so wonderful to see the love and care that they have for each other. They are also a mess. =) They spent all weekend teasing and heckling each other and occasionally Jon and I.

It was a wonderful weekend and well worth the lack of sleep and stiff knees from traveling. I would do it again in a heart beat. There isn't anything more precious than my amazing family.

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