Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day

I started my New Year off with a freezing run. Several times last night and this morning I wondered if I'd lost a bit of my mind to be considering a run in the freezing rain. But thankfully the temps warmed up a tiny bit and during the race it misted occasionally, but that's it.

This was my first 10k race (6.2 miles) so my dad joked that at least I'd get a PR this time. But wow! It was the hilliest race I've ever run. There were NO straight places until we were within a kilometer of the finish line. It was truly brutal. But despite that I had fun and other than some sore calves from all hills I'm feeling great.

Starting out. Can you see me in the very back (lavender shirt, pink jacket) on the right?
The big camera died before Jon could get any more starting pictures.
But he was able to find the small camera before I came in.

My sweet Dad running the last almost mile to the finish line with me.
(He won first place in his age division.)
Almost finished.
 Not sure why, but I like this picture.
My time of 1:08.05 wasn't the greatest, but considering the crazy hills not as bad as I was expecting while running.

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